About us

About the Turtle

Like our logo, the turtle, which bridges the gap between sea and earth, NAMS strives to build bridges between our traditional native culture and the world at large.

Whether we facilitate a conference, produce a federal report, provide tribal consultation, or train military personnel, we incorporate our indigenous values, beliefs, and integrity into everything we do.

The turtle - adaptable, resilient, and innovative - is a perfect representation of NAMS' vision for the future.

Stories and Other Delights:

There are many stories and representations of the turtle in North America. Here are some links that will show you more.

Learn about Choctaw Code Talkers: Choctaw

This link will show you a Lakota beaded dress with a turtle symbol: Artmia

Alaska Native Knowledge Network: University of Alaska

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian: Smithsonian