Conference and Event Management

NAMS offers nationwide conference management from concept to the final report. NAMS has delivered services for more than 100 conferences and meetings for Federal clients. Our professional staff has extensive experience with meetings of all sizes and duration in venues ranging from college campuses to five-star hotels.

NAMS Conference & Event Management services include:

  • Development of lists and timelines for the event
  • Selection and negotiation of national sites
  • Development and tracking of event budgets
  • Advertising and promotion of events
  • Graphic design and production of all media and promotional items
  • Content development, speaker selection, and agendas
  • Logistics management, including audiovisual equipment, catering, travel and lodging
  • Management of registration
  • On-site support, including translation and interpretation
  • Vendor identification and liaison
  • Writing/editing of conference documents (minutes, summaries, issue papers)
  • Review and reconciliation of invoices
  • Conference surveys and participant assessments
  • Comprehensive event coordination
  • Identification and invitation of compelling speakers and experts
  • Fulfillment of bilingual and bicultural requirements
  • Provision of technical writers, editors, and other specialized support
  • Logistics for grant review and peer review